Apr 08 2012

Daddy’s Little Girl

"Daddy, will you tuck me in and tell me a bedtime story?" I whined.

As Richard wrapped the satin sheet around my naked body, he could see the outline of my hard nipples underneath it. “There once was this little girl,” he started as he teased my collarbone with his rough lips, “who had the best daddy in the world.” He traced around my perky pink nipples with his tongue. The feel of his tongue through the soft satin sheets Daddy bought me sent a flood rushing out of me, enveloping my entire cunt in my own wetness. I let out a small, desperate whimper and reached for the zipper on his tight worn out jeans, but he pushed my hand away in an attempt to finish his bedtime story. 

"Even though her daddy gave her everything she wanted, the little girl was always just a bit too eager. Sometimes the little girl was so eager, she deserved to be spanked." Daddy suddenly picked my body up, letting the sheet fall away, only to flip me over like a ragdoll, throwing me down on the bed to see my perfectly round ass. He spanked it so hard that he left a burning red handprint that I hoped would be a bruise. With one swift motion he pulled off his jeans and started playfully tapping his hard cock against my new trophy on my ass cheek making it bounce. 

"Daddy loves playing with his new babygirl." Richard uttered softly in my ear, letting his entire chiseled body rest against the arch of my back. He bit my neck, leaving his mark on me for the world to see. "You better beg for it. Only good girls get to play with Daddy. You know that." he warned, his voice stern and taunting.

"Oh daddy, I’ll show you a good girl." I promised, twisting my body to fit my mouth around his throbbing dick. First licking, teasing. Then, shoving the entire length of him into the back of my throat. I sucked faster and harder, turning him on until I couldn’t fit all of him in my mouth. Without warning, Daddy flipped me onto my stomach, holding both my wrists with one strong hand behind my back. His other hand keeping a tight grip on my long blonde hair. Yanking my head back for leverage, he thrust his throbbing cock into me. The wetness of my pussy let him slide all the way into me. My tightness squeezed all around him. 

"You’ve been a very bad girl." Richard growled between clenched teeth.

"Punish me, Daddy. I’ve been so bad. Make me hurt." I winced. My voice wavered. I could feel his balls slapping against my swollen pussy with every thrust. 

Richard flipped my tense body, forcing both of my smooth, long legs over his broad shoulders. His dick never leaving my warm cunt. He began to push into me slowly, letting me feel every inch of him until he was all the way inside me. “Faster. Harder!” I begged. For only a few more moments, Daddy drilled my dripping pussy until I squealed, “Daddy I’m going to cum so hard!” My voice was almost nonexistent. I lost my breath and covered his dick in my juices.

"Open your mouth, babygirl." He whispered into my ear. "Let daddy feed you." His breath tickled my neck and sent a shiver down my spine. Before I could open my mouth wide enough to take him in, he shoved his cock all the way into the back of my throat. He let out a fierce and powerful groan and I could taste his salty, sticky cum fill up my mouth.  

I licked my lips to savor every last drop. Tucking in my naked body, Daddy whispered “The end. Goodnight my babygirl.”

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